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All mixes featured here are done for my own personal use and help make the journey to and from the daily grind go so much better! so I thought I'd put them out there to share, After all ,We all got to have freedom!

All selections from my own collection.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Moods & Grooves

Hi there Groovy People!
More Funky Sounds on the Soul Train ! on this trip we have the following passengers; Spiritual Vibes, Bobby Womack(from his gem of an album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe,!!) Assagai, The Brothers, Alice Russell (Her new recording with Quantic essential!) Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band, Oddisee, Kyoto Jazz Massive, The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Emanuel K.Rahim & the Kahliqs, Jazzanova (from The Funkhaus Studio Sessions, Brilliant!) Van Morrison, Eddie Harris,    
The Afro- Soultet ,Nobukazu Takemura,The Funkees (compilation album from Soundwayrecords)
AM & Shawn Lee(fantastic album get it !),Jimmy Cliff,Visioneers(from the incredible Hipology album!) and the late great Ian Dury!

Get on board and enjoy the ride!!!!  Download it HERE!!!!