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All mixes featured here are done for my own personal use and help make the journey to and from the daily grind go so much better! so I thought I'd put them out there to share, After all ,We all got to have freedom!

All selections from my own collection.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Space Grooves.

Heads up!
for your moving and grooving listening pleasure some of the following in no particular order: Mala/Cerrone/ABC (the original mix before having the Trevor Horn sheen added)
Will Downing /Broadway/Machine,
(written and produced by the legendary August Darnell!!)/DTrain
/Black Science Orchestra/Chic,(fantastic at Glastonbury,the end with the audiance joining in with 'Get Lucky' is just magical!!!) /Manzel/GiorgioMoroder (from the Battlestar Galactica album!) /Manfredo Fest/
R.I.P.Mandre(described as a techno-funk pioneer and music-technology innovator,way ahead of his time,do you think he inspired these couple of fine fellows with their stage image? Hmm mm,or maybe he has left it to them to carry on with the mission, because in his earthly guise of Andre Lewis he has moved on to the next level,and taken his sound frequencies to another universe )/Change(with Luther Vandross)/Soul to Soul, and last but not least Sea Level with the classic Sneakers 54!..And yes this mix was 'inspired' by the new Daft Punk single and album especially 'Get Lucky'with the magnificent Nile Rodgers( you should read his excellent autobiography 'Le Freak'
what a story!) and  how the album was being recorded 'old school',
away from the normal for now 'digital' platform and more to back in the
day valves and tubes 'analogue', bearing in mind they could afford the budget which would be beyond most musicians these days! anyways takes me back to  my younger days and shows that good music is never forgotten.........
DownLoad from HERE!!!
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