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All mixes featured here are done for my own personal use and help make the journey to and from the daily grind go so much better! so I thought I'd put them out there to share, After all ,We all got to have freedom!

All selections from my own collection.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Beat Boutique!

It's that time people!!!
more Grooves for your listening pleasure from The Beat Boutique!!!
in the mix are the following....
Ezechiel Pailhes(fantastic album-get it!)/Morning,Noon & Night/Gladys Knight & the Pips/Slave one of my all time favourite Funk bands along with the Ohio Players and Cameo,so the passing on of core members 'The Hansolor' Marc Adams Bassist extraordinaire and Mark Hicks guitarist and vocalist is sad news indeed  /Mad House/Dominick Martin (another brilliant album!)/Lucas Arruda/Undisputed Truth/The Spencer Davis Group with a very young Steve Winwood on vocals and Hammond B-3 organ/Swans Way/Spandau Ballet/The Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd/Pockets/Leroy'SugerFoot'Bonner leader of my absolutely favourite band of all time has passed on as well,I kid you not from the first time I heard them ( back in 1975 when I was 15! up to now and 53 in 2013!!)they are still the band and music that as grabbed me by the balls!!! and I include Punk & New Wave in that mix!! so he's gone but the music thankfully lives on,here's a version of Fire that captures SugerFoot and the Player's in all their glory!!! and the way the audience reacts at the end, shows the energy and musicianship that years of jamming and playing together had made this ensemble the best!!! also seeing Leroy playing his double neck guitar,I'm sorry kicks Yes,Jimmy Page and Genesis in to the long grass for me. /Los Hacheros/Kid Creole & The Coconuts/Maze/As One/Machine/Tanger Trio & Ensemble Mondaine (you must track this down and listen,the whole album is incredible!)/Scritti Polliti,that's all for now folk's,enjoy!!.
 Download.... HERE!!!!
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