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Friday, 3 August 2012

A Photography Book About Vinyl Collectors- Dust & Grooves.

Here's a project that I absolutely can't wait to happen!!! so much so that I've contributed to help make it so.Have followed Eilon's site for a number of years and always thought that the idea was unique not just focused on the music available on vinyl but also the personalities behind them and why they became involved in collecting,these are not only DJ's but Musicologists and Archivists protecting it for the future and keeping it alive as opposed to to digitised !

About this Project: Dust & Grooves is a photo and interview project documenting and exalting vinyl records, the people who love them, and the musical heritage they carry. With a website launched in October 2008 by Brooklyn-based professional photographer and vinyl addict Eilon Paz, D&G profiles individual collectors from all over the world in their natural environment – usually at home with their personal collections. Each subject is interviewed in depth about their devotion to vinyl, then each conversation is paired with a beautiful series of portrait photographs by Eilon that capture the heart and soul of this passionate avocation. Together, words and images tell the story of the love affair between collector and collection, and preserve a record of music that otherwise might be lost.
For more Information here's the Kickstarter LINK
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