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All mixes featured here are done for my own personal use and help make the journey to and from the daily grind go so much better! so I thought I'd put them out there to share, After all ,We all got to have freedom!

All selections from my own collection.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Drums!They Come From Africa!!

The Drums!,The Drums!, From Africa They Come,
The Source Where it All Starts From People and the inspiration!,get down and celebrate!!!
For your consideration and delectation,we have a fine mix of ingrediants including:Shuggie Otis,The Ayodegi Afro Latin Orchestra,The Undisputed Truth, Jose Mangual,4Hero,Coati Mundi(from his fine new album, takes me back to Dr Buzzards Savanna Band days!)The Three Degree's,Jukka Eskola,The
Specials,40Winks(fantastic new album,get it!)The Square Set,Georgie Fame,The Richard Kent Style(from Acid Jazz labels'Rare Mod'series of 45's Fantastic!)The Soul Bossa Trio,Cameo(before the red jockstrap days!!!sinister grooves!)The Chequers,The Dirty Voodoo Beats of AL QUETZ aka Quetzal & his Drums Come From Africa LP which inspired this mix,check out this album,essential!!!Gerardo Frisna(CLASS!)The Impressions,The Philly Four,The Epresarios to name a few plus some Brazilian breaks & beats to add spice,ENJOY!!!!!!
                   'The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing'-James Brown
                                                  You Can Download It HERE!


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  2. This is the absolute dogs! Great mix life saver more please..s